Who We Are

We are a group of passionate software engineers who fell in love with finance. With the rise of big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology, we truly believe Fintech is the future.


Unlike most of the tech consulting teams, we are agile, both in term serving our client and develop software within our team. We make sure we deliver quality code rapidly by having experienced senior designing the architecture and frequent effective communication with our clients


We try to create the best application, solve the hardest problems that exist financial industry. We want to remove all barriers that exist for fintech


Our vision is to provide the best customer experience and become the biggest fintech consulting firm in the world.

We provide high quality and cost effective services

By having both on-site consultant, off-site architect and quality assurance working together, we deliver our product fast, let us know what is slowing your business from moving forward

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Our Team

Seyon Vasantharajan, Engsci

Graduated from Engineering Science at University of Toronto, Seyon is passionate about combining finance and business together, he is the co-founder and CTO of successful start up viviplan. Seyon is known to have the triple threats: design, manage and code. he is an expert fintech, machine learning, enterprise level software architect, and project management.

Aaron Liu

Aaron is the OM at Fintelics. Aaron is also
working as a core program analyst at OPS
corporate offices, coordinate and oversee
more than 100 million funding. He
is equipped with strong management skills such as
business planning, operating and robust
public relation maintenance.

Shaya Kutnowski

Shaya is the strategic partner of Fintelics, he is an expert in digital marketing consulting, he is the founder of Reliable Crypto Consulting. Reliable Crypto Consulting (RCC for short) was started to make sure crypto is accessible to everyone. They consult for individuals looking to navigate the confusing space, or companies looking to create an ICO or start a blockchain company.

Yu Wang, Ph.D.

Dr. Yu Wang is playing the role of Senior Consultant and Sales at Fintelics, by virtue of his rich industrialized experience in enterprise-level distributed/cloud system. He is also working as International Sales at UGrid Network Inc. currently, and a certified AWS Architect as well. He was previously working at Morgan Stanley and Thomson Reuters, and obtained his educations from McGill, Cornell, and Georgia Tech.

Will Zhang, Engsci

Graduated from University of Toronto Engineering Science Program, will worked at IBM on its flagship product WAS. He then took on the role of being CTO of startup Stafits. Will is also the blockchain solution architect for Nobul, Eye Network using both public and private chain depending on usecase. He is currently consulting for data science team at Toronto Stock Exchange. Will is experienced in software architecting and big data.

Yona Durbach

Yona is the strategic partner of fintelics, he is an expert in User Interface and User Experience design. Yona is Experienced Graphic Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry. Skilled in Photography, Logo Design, Advertising, Adobe Photoshop, and Graphic Design. Strong arts and design professional graduated from Humber College.