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Is your business missing out?

Ever wondered how you could improve your business with cutting edge new technology? We enabled true synergy among different industries. Fintelics' aims to bring consulting service, cutting edge technology innovation and training together. Working with cutting edge technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Big Data,.

Leveraging new technical stack such as react, react native, python, node.js, serverless framework together in business use cases, create value by solving business pain points that exists among industry.

Our solutions are built with scalable, secure, and performance in mind. Our consultants are passionate, disciplined and innovative.

Our Skills

How we work

By Project

Our team works with an entire project, every project is built with suitable technology stack. Built with scalability, elasticity, performance, cost optimization and security in mind.

  • Scoping out the business use-case requirements

  • Architecture Design

  • Product Development

  • Quality assurance and development iteration

  • Deployment automation & Documentation

Dedicated Consultant

In case of client's need for creating a customized project to be integrated into their existing solution. We also offer dedicated specialist onsite consulting service, the specialist is selected based on client's need for skillset and hours

  • Understanding Client's need for skillset

  • Finding the right candidate

  • Determining the number of hours

  • schedule for interview session

  • Finalizing the signed contract

Talent Sourcing

If you are growing your team, we also provide talent sourcing service. We have many technical professionals who have many years of industry experience to help you with screening process, along with recruiters to help you find the best candidates for your organization.

  • Understanding Employee skillset

  • Finding the right candidate

  • Technical Interviews

  • Behavioral Interviews

  • Client Meeting

  • Hire the Candidate

Our Team

Will Zhang

Solution Architect

Yu Wang

Solution Architect

Matthew Thomas

Operation Manager

Jiawei Yang

Blockchain Fullstack Engineer

Seyon V.

Solution Architect

Andy Zhao

Project Manager

Shaya Kutnowski

Marketing Specialist, Partner

Yona Durbach

UI/UX Specialist, Partner

William Cao

Data Scientist

Souvik Rakshit

Web Developer

Chuck Chen

Full Stack Engineer

Dennis Liu

Blockchain Fullstack Engineer

William Li

Business Analyst

Mandy Liu

Marketing Analyst

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